Jun 2021

Successful Hanoverian grating

This year, the Hanoverian grating were held at Stutteri G in Lynge and at Grindsted sportsridinclub.

It was 2 wonderful days in the horses’ sign. The events had a fantastic attendance with a total of 12 mares for the “Mare Performance test”, 5 mares for “Studbook inspection”, 5 foals for “Foal registration” and 1 stallion for “Auction riding horses”. The result was several prized mares and gold medal foals and a presentation of a damline marefamily in 3 generations. We thank you so much for great attendance and good mood and we look forward to seeing you all again next year for the award 2022 (Photos taken by: and Kent Rusovic).

Berenice G (Belissimo M x Sezuan) showed herself very well and under rider Carsten Vesterskov, she was grated as a state premium main studbook mare. St. Pr. Belladonna and her damline family in 3 generations; St. Pr. Belladonna (Belissimo M x Wolkentanz II), St. Pr. Wynona G (Wynton x Belissimo M) and St. Pr. Filomena G (Farrell x Wynton), was presented for possible selection and presentation at Herwart v. d. Decken-Schau in Verden. Congratulations to Missisippi G’s new owner Ella Rossing, for the stunning gold medal Filomena G’s daughter Missisippi G (BH Monte Carlo x BH Farrell) received.
We are all very proud and grateful!

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