Jan 2018

Christmas is long gone and we have lots of news!

The new year 2018 has started very fast with many exciting projects currently in development.
Stutteri G was well represented at the Stallion Licensing event in Herning with wonderful new logo jackets from Heri Riding-equipment although we didn’t have a pre-selected stallion for licencing this year.

The newly built 10-box stable for the riding horses was completed in the early and cold spring and is also intended for daily training. In the midst of the surprising cold that swept across Denmark, the company Karlebo erected fences for the paddocks/ pastures around the training stable area and we opened the training stable introducing yellow straw and excited horses.

Samuel and Davino arrived as the first newcomers from Fyn on one of the year’s first clear spring days. Shortly after Helene arrived with Shanti. The cosy atmosphere spreads in the stable and the great functionality is obvious – It’s a wonderful stable!

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