Berenice G.

medaljevindende Hest på stutteri i Nordsjælland
Born: 19-05-2018
Sire: BELISSIMO M DE 434430476299
Dam: SALOME G. 208333DW1400197
Grandsire: SEZUAN DVH 1110
Breeder: Stutteri G. v. Helene Geervliet

Berenice G.

Born: 19-05-2018.

Berenice G. is the first offspring out of Salome G. who finished second at her grading as RDH mare in Ringsted in 2017. One year later, she scored 9 in type at her Hanoverian mare performance test in Ringsted. Berenice G’s sire is the impressive stallion Belissimo M DE 434430476299, who won his 30-day test at his licencing in Zweibrücken in 2002 with a dressage index of 9.63. Belissimo M won the 2003 Bundeschampionat for 4-year old stallions in Warendorf and is sire of 61 licensed sons and 83 state premium mares.

Berenice G. is a beautiful offspring with amazing conformation. She is a very elegant filly and presented her outstanding gaits already as a few days old – swinging trot and impressive balance and a powerful, well-balanced canter. She is a smart, quick learner, very trusting, curious and has a strong spark of life – we are excited to follow her further development.

Berenice G. represents a unique league and takes everyone by storm. She is very elegant, and she was only a few days old when showing promising gaits with flying trot and great canter balance. She is brave, loving, very ridable and has shown fantastic work attitude within training attitude and rideability. Berenice G. was grated as main studbook mare and awarded as state premium mare in 2021 at the Hanoverian grating in Denmark and in 2021, she has been impregnated with the stallion Donkey Boss.

Dam: Salome G., DNK333DW1400197
Sire: Belissimo M (Rhld), 343430476299