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Stutteri G. is owned by Helene Geervliet.
Helene grew up on  Stutteri Skovgård in Farum,
where her parents bred  DSA sports horses and New Forrest ponies.

She was a dressage rider, but stopped the riding and breeding when finishing a business degree and starting her business career.

In 2001, after many years abroad, Helene returned to Denmark , and bought a DW dressage stallion:
Salomon (DVH 684) and a  Hanoverian State premium  broodmare:  St.Pr.Wiesenträumerin DE331315205996. Wiesenträumerin  has mothered 3 broodmares to Stutteri G.

The basis for the breeding of stutteri G is thus created during the years 2001 – 2010, but volume wise it has expanded during recent years, when Helene retired from business, to work full time with her horses.

In 2013  Helene became State-Authorized horse inseminator and is inseminating her own mares today. Stutteri G. was established in 2014 and is based at Solvang in Lynge in Denmark.

Helene is a 100% person who has dedicated the “autumn” of her life, to the dream of her youth, albeit slightly modified. She is not personally aiming at the  Olympics,  but it would be fantastic if one or several of her breed reaches the top of the Dressage world.


In 2017  Michelle Geervliet,  Helene’s niece, has joined stutteri G .
Michelle is educated Laboratory technician with a  Bachelor degree of Chemical and Biotechnical Technology and comes from Animal Health Innovation Chr. Hansen.

Michelle has always had a deep passion for horses. For  example  as a child, she chose to stay behind,  and join a  Riding camp instead of a family vacation at the Caribbeans.

In 2017 Michelle has chosen, that her future will be with Stutteri G.  Michelle is co-managing the daily operations,  and has started her riding training with the stud trainer Carsten Vesterskov.

It is a great pleasure and satisfaction that the outlook  and breeding goals of the stud hereby can remain long-term.