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The stud is engaged in breeding top quality dressage horses in Danish Warmblod and Hanoverian breeding.
Our main objectives are to breed dressage horses which are successful at Grand Prix level,  graded stallions for breeding within D.W. and H.V. , State premium mares within H.V. or Medal mares within DW,  offspring which are selected and participate in UVM, and finally offspring which are both nationally and internationally appreciated.

We seek to obtain our goals through breeding with mares of excellent pedigree many generations back, as well as careful stallion selection, focussing at the performance as well as match to the mare’s pedigree, physique and temperament.

Another important factor we weigh is to have high quality partners:  Since 2007  Stutteri G. is collaborating with Carsten Vesterskov for the training of our horses.  Since 2010 Stutteri G. is  collaborating with Hesselhøj heste and Hans Joergen Hoeck for the  work with 2, 3 and 4 yearlings and  the presentation for grading.